"Hoeberigs looks very pretty and sings beautifully. Her full belt is quite something ...Their duet singing is splendid."

— Sardines Magazine

“Natasha Hoeberigs is a delightful Princess Aurora. She’s bubbly, confident and warm-hearted in the lead role, and she performs her solo songs brilliantly."

— West Sussex County Times


"The show was incredible from the start and just got better and better. There was comedy and cheese galore – the perfect recipe for the perfect panto!"

— What's Good To Do U.K.

"There’s strong singing from Prince Rupert (Sean Smith of X Factor‘s Same Difference) and particularly Princess Aurora (Natasha Hoeberigs)."

— Muddy Stilettos



"Natasha Hoeberigs plays Snow White...Her singing voice is beautiful and controlled."

— Fairy Powered Productions

“It was obvious that [Lee Ryan] also built up some good chemistry with Natasha Hoeberigs, who made her panto debut as Snow White and a good one at that."

— Darlington Visual

"Natasha Hoeberigs is perfectly pleasant as Snow White."

— The Avant Garde

"Both Lee Ryan and Natasha Hoeberigs were brilliantly cast in their respective roles as The Prince and Snow White, and were a joy to watch throughout the two-hour long show."

— What's On Darlington



"Tom Elliot Reade is Harry and Natasha Hoeberigs plays Annabel.They both capture the fresh faced naïveté demanded of them and are delightfully voiced."

— Jonathan Baz


"Natasha Hoeberigs is a lovely Annabel Glick."

— British Theatre

"Tom Elliot Reade and Natasha Hoeberigs make a hugely appealing leading couple, their antagonistic relationship captured perfectly in the show's most dreamily melodious moment 'Nice'."

— ThereOughtToBeClowns


“It is Natasha that really shines as the plucky representative of the Universal Dog Home."

— The 730 Review